If you own real estate (house, suite) that you only use for a short period of the year, on your vacation, you must have felt the need that someone is at the place occasionally and ensures everything is fine. In order for your real estate to be ready for you and your guests once you arrive on your well-deserved holiday, it demands to be maintained entire year.

To help you out and ensure you enjoy every single day of your holiday, we have designed the following packages:


  • Looking around of your house (inside and outside) twice a month
  • Check if all in order in case of severe weather
  • Dusting and vacuuming once a month
  • Airing the house
  • Letting water run in all the taps so that there is no creation of lime scale in taps, boilers and flushers
  • Collection of mail and sending it to your permanent address
  • Keepingthe key
  • Monthly reporting to the real estate owner by email

  • All services of basic package are included
  • General cleaning before your arrival
  • Welcome package: turning on the boiler, fridge, heating, cooling
  • Possibility to organize small repairs
  • Possibility of paying bills with previous agreement
  • Ask for offer